19 June 2010

father's day.. love you abah..


readers. . .

happy father's day to :

.encik mohamad bin muda.
.thanks for being a wonderful daddy.


A little girl needs Daddy
For many, many things:
Like holding her high off the ground
Where the sunlight sings!
Like being the deep music
That tells her all is right
When she awakens frantic with
The terrors of the night

Like being the great mountain
That rises in her heart
And shows her how she might get home
When all else falls apart.

Like giving her the love
That is her sea and air,
So diving deep or soaring high
She'll always find him there

from your the only one daughter :)

terima kasih sebab sudi baca. baca ke? eh.

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Tapak Kaki said...

sweet sweet sour

puteri ternoneng said...


adrinaqamarina said...

wah,,,muda ag ayah time tu kan...seronok tengok gambar time kecik3 dulu...

puteri ternoneng said...

rina:hehe...tau xpe :p

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