23 October 2010

pakat LIKE sume deh! ;)


*klik sini untuk ke page tersebut*

Tired of being surrounded by negative vibes? Tired of being negative? Negativity inflicting your day, your work, your relationship, your system?

Let's change it together.

Let's celebrate the 15th of every month as NO NEGATIVE STATUS IN FACEBOOK DAY. You take the first step, and then invite others!

A step a day, take the negativity away.

meh kite klik LIKE ramai-ramai yep

nak tau lagi klik sini jugak

terima kasih sebab sudi baca. baca ke? eh.

2 Love Note (s):

izawati ahmad said...

thank you dik for supporting us! jumpa semua on 15th bulan depan yer!


puteriqaizyan said...

sis iza: no hal la kak.kempen ni bgs sgt! oke.see ya! :))

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